Anyone had a major event canceled recently? Cancelations and postponements have affected basically every person in our nation at this point. COVID-19 is a curveball no one saw coming, and no bride or vendor has ever dealt with a crisis on this scale.

The one bright side of all of this is that we all suddenly have a surplus of one valuable resource- time. With this in mind, we want to come to you with some real-world wedding planning ideas that you can still accomplish during quarantine.


Through the power of technology, you can still explore most vendors via their online presence. Take this time to research venues, photographers, florists, etc. You can get a great sense of most vendors by way of their websites and socials plus wedding planning review sites and person to person recommendations. These are the mediums most brides used to choose vendors before COVID-19, and luckily all those are available during quarantine! Additionally, many vendors are offering zoom meetings, so you still get the opportunity to speak face to face! From a vendor-booking perspective, there is still great potential to make some serious progress!


Another time-intensive but budget-friendly option is to get some great DIY inspiration! Even if you lack any real artistic ability (you are my people), there are still plenty of simple how-to projects that can give your wedding a personalized feel and help cut back costs. We love Pinterest for its never-ending stream of ideas, so whether you’d like to take on signage, unique wedding favors, or even build your own arbor, the world is your oyster!

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The last thing we recommend doing with this time is spending it with those you love most. As many brides have hunkered down with family or their fiancé, this time can be a beautiful reminder of how lucky we are to have those we love in our lives! Isn’t that what a wedding is about anyway?


All the above ideas were inspired by the things we heard when talking to real brides-to-be about what it was like to plan a wedding in quarantine. Over and over again we heard them express gratitude for those in their life, assurance despite not knowing what’s around the corner, and excitement for when we can all be together again! We would like to thank all first responders, health care staff, and essential workers who are keeping the world spinning! We’ll make it through this together! We can’t wait to see how absolutely stunning your day will be, and hear about what an amazing journey it was to get there!