Again, it has been awhile since we last Blogged. Please forgive us : ) We have had a full summer of weddings,¬†beach and family time and more weddings…… Its been amazing. Today is the first day of school for many and time for us to get geared up for the Fall Wedding season which is action packed!

The wedding we have featured here this month was one of our Favorites. It took place in June in Oxford, NC at Mary Royall’s¬†family home, the home where she grew up. The story is sweet, a little sad but the wedding was full of so much happiness, love and joy. We were honored to be a part of Mary Royall and Ryan’s special day. Please enjoy the photos below from the always amazing Brett from Blest Studios…..

Sally – XOXO

MR_R-0002 MR_R-0043 MR_R-0062MR_R-0081 MR_R-0103MR_R-0022 MR_R-0177MR_R-0275 MR_R-0326 MR_R-0519 MR_R-0530 MR_R-0688 MR_R-0670 MR_R-0642 MR_R-0635 MR_R-0620


MR_R-0740 MR_R-0750 MR_R-0767 MR_R-0784 MR_R-0973 MR_R-0996


MR_R-1279 MR_R-1304