Hi Friends-
I know its been awhile…. NO excuses just busy with life : ) Weddings + Family = Lots of fun and Loads of work : ) We have done this one before but not for awhile so here are the Top Ten Tips from Our Team who do over 60 weddings a year. We see a lot and these things just make life and weddings all around easier….. Trust us, we know : ) Enjoy!!

1. Guest Count – really think about this!! It makes or breaks the wedding. The budget, the venue and whole feel of the wedding really changes when you go from 100 to 200 guests. Take your time and do it right. Talk to your families, remember its their day too…..


2. Budget – Yep, we gotta talk about it. Its one of the first things you need to establish and yes, its going to be be more that you think. Big things come into play here…..Guest count, Type of bar you serve, Band or DJ, Transportation for all your Guests…. Just to name a few.

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3. Prioritize – This helps with the planning and the budget. What is the most important thing to you? The food, The band, The decor, The photographer…. Very few weddings can have it all : )


4. Wedding Website – Do this as soon as you start your planning. Its a fun way to share your story and get the information out to all your guests. From hotel information, transportation, gift registry and to favorite restaurants in your city. Let them know so they can make their plans early.

5. Engagement Photos – 2 Words – DO THEM! : ) They are so fun and make for some great photos. Get to know your photographer better. If nervous think about it as a Date, Go to your favorite Brewery, grab a beer and make it fun. Also, use them on your wedding website and your save the date cards and display at your wedding.


6. Your Vendor Team- These are your people who will be with you all day on the special day. So, take your time, look at websites, talk to friends, use your wedding planner. Make good choices, we say talk to 2-3 in each area, go to a couple tastings etc….. Enjoy the planning process and booking your key players.

7. Plan B – Rain – I know, again gotta talk about it. The weather is out of our control. If you are daring enough, and we love it to do an outdoor wedding we have to have a back plan. Whether its the rain or heat. The last thing you want on your wedding day is weather stress. A good plan B will save the day, we promise.


8. Getting Ready – When we usually arrive on the wedding day, hair and make up is in full swing. We love seeing this fun part of the day. All the girls getting ready, sipping champagne…… Think about this part of your day, who will be there, where is lunch coming from etc…… Its a really special time with your girls : )


9. Think About the Details – Simple things can really make a difference  like flip flops by the dance floor, a couple of cute umbrellas in case it does rains, a first look with your Dad, cute coozies at the bar, late night snack, so many things to make your day special…..

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10. Hire a wedding planner – Obviously, right? : ) A great wedding planner will make your day, whether its Full Service or Day of, we do it all and highly recommend having someone by your side who does this everyday. Just this week I was called the MVP. Love it : )

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Thanks for reading and hope you enjoy : )

Sally + Team – XO