Below we are sharing our Top Ten Tips. The secret ins and outs for the newly engaged couple …….. Enjoy!

1. Budget and Guest Counts go hand in hand…. You are paying per person.  Would  you have that long lost friend to your house for dinner?  If not cross them off your list. The room should be filled with all your favorite peeps!


2. Have a GOOD plan B for outdoor weddings. The weather is unpredictable especially here in North Carolina. Rain, heat or hurricanes. You never know!


3. Don’t let the weather or anything ruin your day. Weddings can be stressful but they should also be a lot of fun. Enjoy your day NO matter what!!


4. Get creative with your ceremony. Whether its the vows, the back drop, the wedding party. Make it personal!



5. Hire a GREAT photographer and videographer if budget allows. The day will be a blur and this is how you will remember it!

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6. Prioritize! What is more important that Band you love or gorgeous flowers and linens. If you can have it all, great! If not, make a list of what is most important.



7. Make it personal…. . Make sure to incorporate something fun and special in your day! Favorite cocktail, surprise flash dance….. Lots of fun options!



8. The getting ready process on your big day should be really fun. Hire a professional to come in and get pampered. Pop open a bottle of champagne and enjoy your girls!!

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9. Do an engagement session with your photographer. These photos are fun and you get to know your photographer…. Make sure to display them at your wedding or make them into a guest book…

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10. And of course, last but not least. Hire a professional Wedding Planner. You have been planning this day for a long time. You and your families want to be guests at this most important day!!