Summer is almost here friends; and with those rising temps we have the top trends for Summer 2015.┬áBut the best trend of the summer? Relax, have fun and we’ll take care of the rest!

1. # Hashtag your wedding. Yep, that’s right, instagramming your wedding is still “in” for summer. Our favorite way to incorporate this is a fun chalkboard sign and we have one of the best vendors for this!



2. Bold Color. While neutrals and nudes are always in style we are seeing a trend of brides going bold with their color schemes and choices. Plus, what better time to incorporate some color than summer? Scared to take on too much color? What about going bold with your makeup? We love this bridal look- it’s perfectly on trend for summer.


3. Naked Cakes. Ok, they aren’t really naked per say, but these unfrosted cakes are still all the rage. They create an organic, natural, yet chic touch to your wedding and dessert table. Plus, they are bikini friendly- less frosting equals less calories. At least that’s our justification for eating a slice.


4. Cathedral Veils. There isn’t much that is more romantic than a cathedral veil floating down the aisle. They create a dramatic, old world feel and are perfectly romantic no matter how you style them.


5. The dressed down “dress”. Blame it on fashion runways, J.Crew or the ever fashionable Olivia Palermo but bridal styles are much more laid back and casual this year. Think jumpsuits, separates and mens-wear inspired styles. Need some inspo? Check out Olivia Palermos’s Carolina Herrera “dress”. Psst…It’s actually shorts underneath that tulle.



So what do you think? Which trend do you #love and which do you #hate? Let us know on Twitter @weddingNC