We’ve talked about the reasons you should hire a wedding planner before but we just cannot stress enough the importance of a wedding planning professional. So once again we’ve compiled a list for newly engaged couples highlighting the reasons a wedding planner is essential to the planning process.

Congratulations! You’re engaged! Now what?!

When you first get engaged people immediately start bombarding you with questions – while they have, or hopefully have, good intentions it can become overwhelming.
Where are you getting married? Have you set the date yet? How much is your budget? What’s your color scheme? How do you feel about peonies? Chicken or fish?

And unfortunately the questions don’t stop. From parents, family and friends, to your wedding vendors the questions and decisions are endless.
You’re engagement is a blessing, a joyous occasion, and one that is often short-lived. So why not enjoy it, and the process, to the fullest?

So here is our list of why you should hire a professional wedding planner;

1. Knowledge– Most people planning their wedding have never actually planned, created, and executed a large scale event with many moving parts. A planner has. Yes, there are books, and friends and family, who have walked this road before; but a wedding planner is in the unique position of having a vast knowledge on the subject. She has dealt with vendors, knows what things should cost, and how to get you a deal. She has worked within multiple budget ranges and is a pro at creating a timeline to keep the party on track and never dull. She also comes with many tricks up her sleeve like bustling a dress, putting on eyelashes, and how to set up, and break down a venue.

2. Stress- Simply put a planner will take on the stress so you don’t have to. A planner will be CC’d on every email correspondence and will be the primary point of contact for vendors and all wedding related details. She will think of all the details that you may not have even considered. And most importantly, your wedding planner will be on site and available throughout your big day to make sure it runs smoothly and is everything you dreamed it would be.

3. Focus- Let’s be honest with Pinterest and Style Me Pretty it’s hard not to lose focus on what works for your wedding/budget/style. While that DIY gold-plated antler may look gorgeous it may not be the perfect addition to your wedding and your aesthetic. A wedding planner can help you stay focused, on track, and above all can help you curate your personal vision in this overly visual world.

 4. Budget- Fact, all brides have a budget. Some are big and some are small and a wedding planner can ensure you stay within your means without feeling like you have to sacrifice your dreams. A wedding planner has established relationships with other wedding professionals; and because of this, is privy to the best deals and vendors for your specific budget. She may even be able to score you some deals due to these relationships.

5. Peace of mind-  For many of our brides this is the most important reason they hire us. You’ve spent months, maybe years, planning and creating your dream wedding. You’ve got a fresh mani/pedi, your makeup is perfect and every hair on your head is in place. And then something goes wrong. It’s your wedding day nightmare right? Not with a professional wedding planner. With a wedding planner hired you can rest assured everything will be done to ensure a perfect wedding day. Relax and enjoy your wedding day with peace of mind that your wedding planner is behind the scenes executing your big day.

So there you have it. While we could elaborate on each of these and many, many more reasons we won’t.  Ultimately, we feel every bride, (and groom!), deserves to have the wedding of their dreams; free of worry and stress,  and a wedding planner will give you just that.

Oh and just one more thing, Sally Oakley herself is celebrating 10 years in the business this year!! We think that is just one more reason you should give us an opportunity to help you with your big day. So let’s get planning!