Our love addiction to The Carolina Inn is evident if you have ever read this blog. But our new obsession is Cyn Kain Photography. Her photos have perfectly captured the love between Matt and Erica and we could not be more excited to share the photos with you!

One thing we cannot stress enough when planning a wedding is to not forget the details. It’s what your guests will remember and it’s what makes your wedding uniquely yours.
It is also one of the main reasons you should hire a wedding planner; to help you with all those little details that take a wedding from “okay” to “amazing”.

How cute is the custom monogrammed bathrobe!? We recently posted on our Facebook page about custom bathrobes for the bridal party. Check it out!

So check out these gorgeous photos and all the adorable details!

Shoes may not be a detail your guests will notice but your photographer certainly will! Plus what better way to incorporate some color and style.

We love everything about this guestbook! The colors are navy and pink which were the wedding colors. Plus how sweet is it that they included the state and city in such a unique way?

Something as simple as a bouquet tied with ribbon on ceremony chairs can make the difference between a bland ceremony space and a decorated ceremony space.  At The Carolina Inn you don’t need much because the of the natural and historical beauty of the Inn to take the space to another level.
No real details to be seen here but we just love this picture for the majesty of the old tree.

Flowers. We know not every couple loves flowers or even really cares what the flowers look like but there is something so regal about an large bouquet. Whether you want to go with bright, bold colors or pale pastel colors the bouquet is a detail you don’t want to overlook.
The groom’s cake is just another fun little detail that isn’t a “must-have”. But, it certainly makes for a good photo and is a great way to incorporate something special like your alma mater.

These favors were so cool! Who doesn’t love the mason jar look? More importantly who can’t use another glass? The best part? Guests could actually USE these. When trying to decide about favors one of our favorite rules is make sure it is something that guests can use or consume. 
Sparklers are by far the most requested formal exit at weddings. Now, while beautiful they aren’t always practical or in this case allowed. So with a little creativity Matt and Erica settled on Carolina pom-poms and we think it is perfect! 

Lastly, the formal departure. This is one of those details that can really reflect your wedding style or your personality. Matt and Erica opted for an eco-friendly departure with a pedi-cab.

So what do you think? Are the details your favorite part of a wedding? The certainly are for us!

A big thank you to all the vendors of Matt and Erica’s special day!
Florals: Tre Bella
Photographer: Cyn Kain
DJ: Mitch of Joe Bunn DJ
Officiant: Robin Renteria
Ceremony Music: Arioso Strings
Photobooth: ShutterBooth
Hair and Makeup: Makeup For Your Day