The Wedding of Joey and Beth: Traditional Jewish elements in an unexpected venue

I know we have talked about venues before but it truly is one of the most important decisions in the wedding planning process. Recently we had the pleasure of working with a fabulous couple Joey and Beth who held their ceremony at The Duke Gardens and the reception at The Nasher Museum of Art.

Choosing a venue like the Nasher creates a unique experience for your guests because it’s not your typical wedding venue. A wedding reception at a museum instantly creates grandeur and is memorable for your guests. Artwork and artifacts serve as natural conversation starters and allow you to cut back on your need for decor.

Look at how cool the ceiling of the Nasher is!

We also want to highlight encorporating traditional elements into your wedding like Joey and Beth did. They included a traditional chuppah for their ceremony. Chuppah’s can be customized to be opulent and extravagant or simple and clean. Joey and Beth chose a beautifully simple chuppah allowing the backdrop of the Duke Gardens to shine through. We think it’s simply stunning!

Another traditional aspect they incorporated was the horah. Festive and steeped in tradition, the horah helped personalize their wedding and created a fun and energetic start to a night of dancing.

Luckily, they didn’t fall out of their chairs!

We just can’t get enough of this fun couple and their flair for the unexpected.

The signing of the ketubah.

As always we here at Sally Oakley Personalized Wedding Planning can help you with all your wedding needs. We look forward to working with you!

FIve Signs You Need to Hire a Wedding Planner and The Five Benefits of a Wedding Planner

One: You’re using you lunch hour and leaving work early to run wedding errands. Yes, most wedding vendors are only open during working hours but that doesn’t mean you, or your fiancĂ©, need to put your job in jeopardy to get things done. A wedding planner works for you and is available for all of those errands and meetings.
Two: You are seriously considering eloping because it just seems easier! For some people eloping is the dream from the start and if this is the case then go for it! But for those of you wanting a traditional wedding don’t let stress win out. The great thing about a wedding planner is that she has connections and insight into the industry and for her planning is fun! So let a wedding planner help make it fun for you too.
Three: You are over analyzing, and stressing, about every single detail. Don’t do this! A wedding planner can help you through the maze of colors, flowers, food and entertainment in order to make the best decisions for you. And remember once a decision is made it can be changed; but going with your gut is always the best decision.
Four: You’re procrastinating and you’ve only got months left and those big decisions haven’t been made. Don’t panic! This is what wedding planners thrive on! You may have to compromise on some details but a wedding planner will work tirelessly to make your big day perfect.
Five: It stops being fun. This is the most common complaint we hear. We can help make it fun again! A wedding is about two people coming together with friends and family to celebrate the love they have for each other ( and of course a wedding is about a great party!).  

Now, lets talk about the five benefits of hiring a wedding planner.

One: Your consultant will commit to your budget and work to find you the best bang for your buck.
Two: Your consultant will devise a master plan for the big day down to the very last detail. She will also create a timeline of the day; from beginning to end, and make sure all vendors and participants have a copy.
Three: Your consultant can name the best venues for your style and is familiar with the best vendors for your wedding.
 Four: Your consultant will read over vendor contracts and keep in touch with them throughout the process should any issues arise.
Five: Your wedding planner will coordinate the delivery, arrival, and setup of all vendors. She will also be on-sight overseeing the entire event- supervising, troubleshooting, and soothing nerves. 
 So now that you know the five signs what are you waiting for! Give us a call and let us put the fun back into your big day. 
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