Lately I’ve been writing a lot about new trends and super unique weddings so it’s always nice to have a beautifully traditional wedding at one of our favorite venues the Angus Barn Pavilions. In addition, its with great pleasure I get to write about a fabulous wedding that didn’t let a little rain damper the day!

Despite a little rain the evening was everything a wedding planner could hope for with a super calm and cool couple. Not to mention an amazing staff who personally walked each guest under an umbrella to and from the parking lot. Check out the evening courtesy of the super talented Dara Blakeley.

As we’ve mentioned before the weather doesn’t always cooperate, no matter how much we try, but there are lots of ways to make your day just as perfect. Using umbrellas in your pictures not only is practical if raining but can be a cute prob for twirling, creating shadows, kissing under and being just plain fun. Umbrellas have come a long way, thanks to Rihanna maybe!?, and there are even some awesome websites where you can rent them for your big day. Check out this super cute website in which you can choose the color and style.

 Here at Sally Oakley we always have a backup plan for outdoor ceremonies and recommend making a decision a few days in advance to keep things as stress-free on the big day as possible. Look how happy Lindsey and Jeff are!

 How beautiful is the inside of the Pavilion when it’s a little overcast?

 Here are a few thing to remember if you find that forecast calling for rain. Most photographers love rainy wedding days! Why? Because the soft lighting associated with rainy days can make for easy picture taking and the sight of rain drops through a camera lens can create some stunning final pictures. Let the creative juices flow for you and your photographer and the results might end up surprising you.
If you and your parents spent lots of money and time preparing the wedding with flowers and preparing you with makeup, why not make it last? Flowers last longer in the moist, rainy environment. In addition to that, your makeup will be less likely to run from sweat if the day is cooler and rainy. That’s always a positive for the conscientious bride.

Though rain on your wedding day might not be the most ideal thing in the world, it’s not the end of that world. Quit pouting because you’ve got a wedding to enjoy! There are many reasons why rain can add to the experience. Get out there and make the best of the wet situation and you’ll be happy because of it. Looking back at the beautiful pictures, you probably wouldn’t have wanted it any other way. And always remember ladies it is actually considered good luck to have it rain on your wedding day!