Setting up a registry can be time consuming and for most men not something they necessarily look forward to but it is an important thing to do and one I think can be enjoyable. Just remind your man how much fun it can be to shoot things with the scanner gun they give you.

I believe registering early can save you some stress and allow you time to tweak as you discover more things you like or to add things you forgot about. Also, choose two to three universal places with websites to make it easy for all of your guests to access. If you also have a great local spot in mind that you would like to register, one of my favorites is Charlotte’s, then do so as well. Just remember to list all your registries on your wedding website and to tell you parents so they can pass the word along.

Kate Spade Market Street China in Blue

Don’t feel the need to register for fine china and silver if it’s not your style. But keep in mind just because you won’t use it everyday doesn’t mean you won’t ever use it. I find that mixing in a few pieces of a unique patterned china with a simple everyday china in a neutral color gets you the most bang for your friends buck! Take a look at what we found at Belks: 

Pottery Barn Square sofa

Do register for items in a range of prices. Don’t worry if you think your guests can’t afford it or will be offended. Many guests like to go in on big ticket items because they know you can only use so many blenders. Also, many stores offer completion incentive programs. That means even if you doubt your guests will spring for that beautiful Pottery Barn sofa you can get a pretty nice discount to buy it after the wedding. Another thing to keep in mind Bed, Bath and Beyond offers coupons for referrals so if you have friends who are engaged tell them to register and you could get a coupon for $25.

Don’t be afraid to register for things “outside the box.” My husband and I like to entertain with game nights so we registered for poker accessories, bocce ball and some bar accessories. Our friends loved giving us these gifts because they knew they would enjoy them too. Another great idea that we have been seeing recently are honeymoon items. Going to a resort? Most now let you register for excursions, spa packages and upgrades.

Calphalon Simply Calphalon Non-stick 14 piece cookware

Lastly, many couples are now waiting to get married a little later in life and have established themselves and their homes and feel they may have everything they need. This is not the case! Register for your future. Some items you will always need are; sheets, towels, pots and pans, kitchen knives, etc. And why not register for those higher thread count sheets you’ve always wanted to try. Even if not for now think about the house and family you will one day have.