Your wedding is one of the most, if not the most, special day of you life as a couple and it’s no surprise most couples want to create a day that is uniquely theirs. With many inspirational sites like Pinterest, Project Wedding and The Knot it is easy to become overwhelmed by things you “love” and want to incorporate into your wedding. However, adding every fad, color scheme, and theme into your wedding can equal a hot mess. Create a list of things that describe you as a couple or jot down your shared interests. Another idea is to pick something that you love such as vintage elements or a certain color and let that be your “theme.” The idea here is to come up with something fun, creative and will be unique to your wedding. Hint, if your best friend and her new husband went with a wine lovers theme it may not be the best idea to go that route.

One of our great couples shared a love of baseball and therefore choose to run with that theme. They were married at the Durham Bulls Athletic Park; incorporated a red, white and blue, color scheme; and had Sugarland Bakery create. A one-of- a kind baseball cake. When incorporating a literal theme into your big day you want to make sure you show your creativity cleverly without being obnoxious. So choose 3-4 areas in which you will showcase that theme such as; your invitations, your cake, your favors and your flowers.

 If you want to create a common thread throughout your wedding but aren’t sold on a theme pick something that appeals to you visually and run with it. For example, after perusing Pinterest, (I am completely obsessed), I came up with the idea of pearls. The pictures are as follows: loose pearls in a tray for the place cards, a pearl bouquet and pearl detail on a cake. Remember creating a truly unique wedding is not hard, stick to one idea or theme and make sure to utilize it in multiple ways throughout your wedding. But don’t go overboard and remember to use something that interest you or describes the two of you as a couple. Don’t get overwhelmed this should be a fun and creative way to create interest and a lasting impression for your guests. As always we here at Sally Oakley are ready to help!

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