I am being asked more and more lately from my brides on who to tip and how much. There is no set rule for tipping your vendors. Some vendors will include gratuity into the final bill especially caterers, so make sure to read your contract carefully.  My basic rule of thumb that I tell my brides is any vendor who has gone above and beyond deserves a tip and/or a thank you letter. I am finding more of my brides are tipping vendors lately and I always advise on how much to tip each individual. To ensure the bride is not worrying about this on her wedding day I sugguest giving the tips to a family member to hand out or better yet your wedding planner. Below is a guideline of who and how much to tip. This is the “tip” if the day.

Catering Staff
$100 to $200 for the catering or banquet manager, $50 each for chefs, and $20 to $30 each for waiters 

Musicians and DJs
Musicians should be tipped about $20 to $25 apiece and DJs get at least $50

Stylists and Makeup Artists
15 to 20 percent of  total cost

Photographers, Videographers and Florists
at least $50 per person