We all know about the emergency kit or the 911 kit as some call it,  but I also like to carry what I call the “The Sally Kit”.  Now in this kit are a variety of items some odd, some practical but below I list the 10 top things that I use quite often. Now they are not life-saving items but they come in quite handy for the candles that keep going out or the groomsmen with the bad breath. So, if you want to make your own “Sally Kit” start with these.

1. Long Lighters – we are always short of these for lighting the gazillion candles you have to make you evening magical.

2. Ribbon – in a variety of colors is always handy.

3. Corsage Pins – for some reason we never enough.

4. Mints – someone is always looking for a mint.

5. Scissors – used for a variety of reasons. I have come to carrying a pair in my purse.

6. Double-sided Tape – this also is used for a variety of different situations.

7. Pens. Pens. Pens. – I can never have too many and sharpie markers are good to have on hand too.

8. Large Safety Pins – don’t ask but the small ones don’t do the trick

9. Lipgloss – bad things happen when a bride forgets her lipgloss

10. Tissues – lots and lots of tissues